7 simple ways to practice the Bible

1)     Preparing a specific moment of the day to dedicate to a reading of the sacred word.  On top of finding a place in your home that is peaceful and in agreement with that sacred connection between the word of God and your Faith. We must have a heart willing to receive the teachings of the sacred scriptures and for that purpose we will be able to dedicate a prayer before each lecture. 


2)  It will depend alot on if it is the first time you have tried to read it or if you have relegated the daily dedication to the Holy Word. If we are dealing with your first steps in immersing in the Holy Spirit we recommend doing some prior research about the books and stories that make up the Bible and this will help you better understand the structure and significance. Perhaps look for some specific passages you want to read. If what really happened is that you are restarting the readings after a long time, try rereading those passages that touched you, that you remember with the most emphasis. It will give you back the necessary rhythm to give yourself to the word of God. 


3)  Depending on the certain of the Bible that we have, many times we find language or words that are unknown to us. It is good to be able to rely on a dictionary to search for the meaning of a word. If it is necessary we can search for an interpretation in diverse sources of a specific passage to compare its meaning with what we were able to interpret. Many times we can have a good or bad day, the word and phrases can reach us in an unexpected way, but it is always interesting to be able to read other views or looks on the same text to enrich the wisdom of the Faith. 


4)  As in any discipline that requires training and dedication, you must conduct daily readings of the Holy Bible. It would be prudent to take the time to reflect on the topic that was touched upon that day and think about how the developed theme applies to our life currently and what we can do to align ourselves nearer to its proposal. If it is necessary perhaps we must go to someone that we trust (and that has read the passage) to be able to exchange thoughts and feelings. It will bring us closer to the people who are devoted to our Lord and that will enrich our link with the Holy Spirit. 

5)  If you find stories, lessons, or verses that really move you and fill your soul, you must mark them in the book to be able to find them easily and keep them present in your daily life. They are the ones that will help you reconnect with the Holy Spirit quickly and keep you on the path of Faith. We also recommend writing them down and placing those specific phrases or passages in visible places in your home, so that you can see them whenever you pass by that area. Keep some as backgrounds on the screen of your cellphone, your computer, or on a piece of paper in your wallet. 

     6) When you find yourself in a situation that distresses, vexes or has you stuck, we can heed the inspiration of certain specific themes that are found in the Bible.  We first can search for the theme or the author of the book that narrated a similar situation and then direct ourselves to that passage. Also we can make a prior search on the topic, read interpretations and resurface that particular letter or reading so it inspires us and gives light to an adequate solution. So that it turns us to a hopeful way out full of hope and love.    

7) Reading out loud helps people personify the narrations, passages and experiences that are described in the Holy narrations. Making a living interpretation of the dialogue and situations (like when we narrate a story to our children), resonates deeply in the senses of our being. We also recommend doing group readings so that later we can discuss those readings, since in the interpretive diversity, tones of voice, enthusiasm, and lived experiences, we will be enriched with the word of God. 

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