“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”

Matthew 18:20

A home to return to

Many times we do not measure the value or importance of the home in our lives. We return from work tired and perhaps we argue with our family, we do not give room to a necessary interaction with our children, or we simply want to get home and rest from our routine. The home is the most relevant place when it comes to coexistence with our loved ones and must become our temple. Sharing the word of God with our loved ones and brothers will be the key to maintaining that sacred place in peace and harmony.


It will be our responsibility to take care of it and build it in the Lord 's Grace. If we let ourselves go through passions or bad feelings in our own home, it will become a place where we ultimately cannot rest. Daily reflection and prayer will help us maintain that calm needed in order to live in communion. Taking in those who have moved away from the faith so that they may return to the path of God will be one of our most valued actions as His children, since there are those who do not have a counsel to approach the Lord.

Our efforts as Christians will have our home as the first stage, the way we are in our own homes will be the example of how we behave abroad.