Positive Attitude in the month of July

We start a new month and we will be going through several moments. We should try to stay hopeful and always attract positivity at the beginning of the month. Explore the following article and start with this routine right now. at the beginning of the month. 

“In reality, without Faith it is impossible to please God, since anyone who approaches God has to believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” Hebrews  11:6

We all know that the concept of Faith is intimately related to the spirit. Exercising our spirit will bring us the benefit of a strengthened Faith, which can be easily stimulated through the exercise of prayer, the permanent thread that connects us with God our Father, eternal source of love and certain refuge in times when doubt stalks. A dose of daily prayer will lay the foundation of your Faith.

“You love him despite not having seen him; and although they do not see Him now, they believe in Him and rejoice with an indescribable and glorious joy, for they are obtaining the goal of their Faith, which is their salvation.” 1 Peter  1:8-9

Good actions are always the ideal way to generate positive feelings such as generosity, gratitude and empathy; all - in turn - virtues that exalt our Faith, something like the fuel from which our heart feeds to remain firm on the path that Christ intends us to follow. Perform good daily action and strengthen your Faith.

“Then Jesus said: —I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even if he dies; and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.” John  11:25-26

The most difficult concept to understand when we talk about Faith is to blindly believe. That is why we must bear in mind that we are not obliged to do so: on the contrary, blind belief is something that comes to us in addition; something we acquire once we have let God fully enter our hearts. Let us open the doors of our lives and welcome Jesus.

If I have the gift of prophecy and understand all the mysteries and have all the knowledge, and if I have a Faith that manages to move mountains, but I lack love, I am nothing.” 1 Corinthians  13:2

Love. Because love is the answer to everything, because everything floods it with its healing force. Strengthening our Faith by exercising the amount of love we have to give to others is an excellent way to feel useful and better with ourselves, with others and with everything that involves being called worthy children of God. Because He said we love each other.

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