A Road Map to your Heart

Are you at a time when you need a breath of air to renew yourself? It's time to feel that healing sensation in your life again.

"Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom." - Isaiah 40:28

If there is one thing we must recognize about art, music, literature and culture in general, it is the diversity of genres, styles and interpretations it possesses. From idiomatic and generational changes to historical moments of each country where the artistic movements originated. Whether it was the adaptation of a book, a play or the refrain of a poem, each of these left an imprint on societies. That impression was captured from the moment of its creation, its conception in space and time, as well as in the imprint given by its artist, author or creator.

"Who has gone up to heaven and come down? Whose hands have gathered up the wind? Who has wrapped up the waters in a cloak? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is his name, and what is the name of his son Surely you know!" Proverbs 30:4

Every work is tinged with the personality of the one who creates it. Perhaps even many times one does not even imagine the scope that is achieved when one finds oneself giving it form (like never being able to imagine that a score by Beethoven can still be listened to today in modern times). This is how the current generations that discovered and came across written pieces, engravings, paintings and scores, interpreted and felt different sensations. Until they were able to appropriate the creations, driving and generating sources of inspiration for new models and paradigms of understanding.

"Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made." - John 1:3

At the moment of imagining, conceiving and materializing, the artist cannot foresee what sensations he will be able to generate in the minds and hearts of those who observe, hear or read them.

In general, the creation can always have some kind of acquired imprint, whether in the style on which it was based or the shades of colors used, for example. But if there is a unique characteristic of culture and art, it is that they are universal.

The interpretations and sensations that are generated will depend purely and exclusively on those who discover them, on the feelings that are in play at that precise moment on the part of the interlocutors or observers. No one will be able to have a unique interpretation.

Each person will be able to receive and perceive in unique ways the stanzas of a poem, the colors of a painting and the notes of a musical composition.

"Who by his understanding made the heavens, His love endures forever." Psalm 136:5

Perhaps you have never thought before that this is how the Faith and the Holy Spirit can be recognized by millions of people in a universal way. Generating unique and unrepeatable feelings for each being who professes the word of God.

What healing does prayer bring about in you? This is something that you will know if and only if you spend time in prayer with our Heavenly Father. What solution will illuminate your heart with the reading of the Holy Scriptures?

Something you will be able to unveil if you offer devotion and understanding to the teachings of Jesus. Like art, God transcends borders and proliferates his blessings throughout hundreds of generations seeking to heal in a unique way.

For each person, faith comes in different ways and at different times. We must be open in spirit, mind and soul to receive the grace and divinity of Jesus

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