7 Simple Ways to Read the Bible Before Bed

       If we read the Bible daily, we can find new ways to enrich ourselves with its content.

      Set aside a specific moment of the day to devote to reading the sacred word. Also, find a quiet room in your house in accordance with the sacred connection between the word of God and your Faith.

We must have a heart ready to receive the lessons of the sacred scriptures and we should dedicate a prayer to this prior to each reading.

It will depend a lot on if it is the first time you are trying to read it, or if you had been putting aside your daily dedication to the Holy Word. If it is your first steps in immersing yourself in the Holy Spirit, we recommend that you do a little research on the books and stories that make up the Bible, it will help you better understand its structure and meanings.

      Maybe look for some specific passages you want to read. If what actually is happening is that you are taking up the habit again after a long time, try to reread those passages that touched you, that you remember with a greater emphasis. He will return you to the rhythm necessary to entrust yourself to the word of God.

      Depending on the version of the Bible that we have, many times we will find phrasing or words that are unknown to us. It is good to be able to go to a dictionary to look up the meaning of a word. If it is necessary we can look for an interpretation in several sources on a specific passage in order to contrast its meaning with what we could interpret.

Many times we can be having either a good or bad day, words and phrases can get to us in an unexpected way, but it is always interesting to read other thoughts or views on the same text in order to enrich our wisdom of the Faith.

 Like any discipline that requires training and dedication, daily readings of the Holy Bible should be maintained. It will be prudent to take the time to reflect on the topic studied that day and to think about how the developed theme is applied to our current life and what we could do to approach it in line with His proposal.

If necessary, we should go to someone we trust (and read the verse) to exchange thoughts and feelings. It will bring us closer to people who are devoted to our Lord and who will enrich our bond with the Holy Spirit.

       If you find stories, lessons, or verses that really move you and fill your soul, you should mark them in the book to be able to find them easily and keep them current in your everyday life. They are the ones that will allow you to reconnect with the Holy Spirit quickly and will keep you on the path of Faith.

We also recommend that you write them and place the phrases or specific verses in visible places in your home, so that you can see them whenever you pass through there. Carry some on your cell phone wallpaper, your computer, or some paper in your wallet.


      When one is in a situation that is distressing, fixates you, or has you stuck, we can resort to the inspiration of certain topics found in the Bible. We can first look for a subject or author of a book that has narrated a similar situation and then address that message.

We can also conduct an early search on the subject, read interpretations, and return to that letter or reading mentioned in order to inspire us and enlighten us to an appropriate solution. So that it turns us towards a hopeful end full of illusion and love.

Reading aloud helps to personalize the narratives, passages, and experiences that are described in the holy stories. Making a living interpretation of the dialogues and situations (same as when we tell a story to our children), has a profound effect on all our senses.

     It is also recommended to have group readings to be able to discuss the verses that are read, since in a diversity of interpretations, tones of voice, enthusiasm, and lived experiences we will be enriched by the word of God.

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