Actions that will allow you to recover hope

Hope can be nurtured, exercised and put into a plane of intervention in complicated moments. Learn how to use this guide and shield of life in the following article.

Always remain alert to the Lord's voice 

No matter where we find ourselves or what we are doing, God tests us at every hour and every place. This means that we must be willing to make sacrifices, to have our senses open along with a willing heart.

 We will come across people that believe  they are lost or have strayed from our Heavenly Father's light. Lending them the support needed to recover the Faith is a task that will bring us closer to our divine mission as children of God.

Thank every person that aproaches you in solidarity

Appreciation is a fundamental basis to grow as sons and daughters of the Holy Spirit. Solidarity manifests in the moments when one feels they must be thankful for God's blessing.

No matter what gesture can be offered, whether it is a hug, being able to intervene in a problematic situation, being able to have a sincere conversation, brimming with love and hope, our Heavenly Father will guide our words and actions to be able to reach  a healing destination.

Let us continue to give the example of Faith to the youngest ones

´╗┐During our first years we receive the love and care of our loved ones.  They must be able to guide us on our first steps towards the light and glory of the Lord. 

What could be more in line with the path of the Lord? To be able to instill His word in our children, without forgetting that Jesus never let pass any opportunity to inspire us with His teachings. Always remembering the love and respect that God the Father desires that we have with our children.

Helping our neighbor we are able to learn from the differences

´╗┐Upon being able to contemplate the needs of others, being able to understand that in the diversity of feelings and lived experiences, lies the true value of Faith. We should always extend our hand to those who need it most. 

Being able to see ourselves through the eyes of the Lord will guide us down a path of Justice and absolute truth. Guided by the glory of Jesus that feeds the care and love that is found in our hearts.

To value our life we must trust in the Holy Spirit

If we work through Faith and consider every decision contemplating the Heavenly Father, we will be guaranteed eternal life in communion in the temple of the heavens. 

There is nothing more gratifying than having solidarity. The true reward is in our daily tasks, where we can rebuild our hope and the love that surrounds us, bringing forth acts of Faith.  Through prayer let us always ask God that we may be worthy of His Blessing and His Glory.

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